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LSLL is required by Little League Baseball Incorporated regulations to conduct annual national background checks of volunteer individuals as a condition of our charter. Completion and verification of the Volunteer Form for one year DOES NOT automatically carry over into the next season. Our year is defined as October 1 to September 30.

This requirement was implemented to protect our children from those who would seek to do them harm, to protect LSLL from possible loss of league or personal assets because of litigation, and to take advantage of current technology and laws that have made background check information accessible to LSLL.

LSLL will complete these background checks using First Advantage. The process is secure and confidential and the responsibility of the League President.

The Volunteer Application can be scanned and emailed to our volunteer email at volunteerslsll@gmail.com. Or, it can be mailed to the league address:

Lake Stevens Little League
P.O. Box 716
Lake Stevens, WA 98258

The Volunteer application process is not complete without all required information, and under no circumstances are parents able to participate in team activities or practices without being approved.